• Objective

    Increase women participation in hackathons.

  • Team Size

    Team of 4. Team leader must be a female candidate.

  • Eligibility

    Anyone with coding and basic AI skills.

  • Problem Statement

    Problem statement that includes a combination of AI + software engineering skills. Problem theme – challenge related to India. Data will be provided.

  • Mode of hackathon

    Hackathon will be started at same time. Will be open to all students and professionals across the country. At deadline, teams will have to submit a presentation along with a .exe of their solution.

  • Judges

    Panel of judges comprising of industry experts. They will go through the .exe and will have an interview round with top 10 teams to decide on final evaluations.

  • Registration Fees

    INR 500 per person. Teams should register using one payment for each team.